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What are the processes of non-standard parts processing?

Time:2019-05-28 Read:276次
Non-standard parts processing is a kind of high precision, high efficiency and high quality processing technology. In the process of processing various mechanical parts, it is very important for the basic process. The staff must have a detailed understanding of the processing process in order to ensure that the processing of parts meets the actual needs.

1. First of all, before the start of the processing process, we need to have a general understanding of some basic work in advance. For some mechanical parts with high precision requirements, it is necessary to predict the processing accuracy in advance and locate them in detail, which is conducive to the follow-up processing work.

2. The processing requirements for parts with different shapes are different. Generally speaking, if it is box-shaped parts, it mainly takes holes as the basic processing plane, and then develops through the plane as the standard. If it is an axle part, it mainly takes the center axis as the basic processing plane, and then extends to the surface continuously according to the position of the center hole. Of course, by analogy, parts of other shapes are processed in the same way, step by step, according to the sequence from the center to the surroundings.

3. In the process of processing the plane part, because the area of the plane part is relatively large, the accuracy may decrease because of the unstable fixing. Therefore, before starting plane processing, by taking certain fixed measures, the drilling method can generally be chosen.

4. Surface processing usually depends on the user's requirements, whether rough or fine processing, or semi-fine processing. For different parts with different surface accuracy requirements, there are certain differences in the process of processing, and they are carried out strictly in accordance with the processing requirements.
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