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How to manage non-standard parts processing?

Time:2019-05-28 Read:538次
The emergence of non-standard parts processing is mainly due to the current high requirements for the mechanical processing industry, the complexity of the processing process, non-standard parts processing on the basis of the innovation of CNC machine tools, can complete the automatic replacement of tools for different purposes in the processing process, greatly reducing the use cost and material cost, and has become a social trend in the current processing industry.

Among them, the main purpose of non-standard parts processing management is to standardize the processing process, requiring staff to strictly comply with the requirements of the processing industry, in order to ensure the quality of the processing workpiece and meet the high precision requirements of mechanical processing. However, how to manage non-standard parts processing? The specific management methods are as follows.

1. Require to understand the content of non-standard parts processing, and non-standard parts processing mainly refers to that there is no drawing design before processing, excluding the specific information of the type, size and size of the parts processed. Even without the choice of materials, the formulation of processing methods. Parts processing that does not meet the above requirements can not be classified as non-standard parts processing.

2. In the beginning of non-standard parts processing, staff members are required to work out the anticipated plan of non-standard parts processing according to the site conditions and the requirements of spare parts, prepare the drawing design, including the type, material, size of spare parts, etc., which must be marked in detail.

3. The principle of equipment selection is based on the design of non-standard parts processing. The appropriate equipment is selected and tested and evaluated in advance to avoid abnormal situations in use.

4. Normally, the processing period of non-standard parts is about 20-30 days. Of course, if the processing technology of parts is complex, the processing period can be extended appropriately, but it is better in the time range.
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